The Prodigal Puzzle Designer

These past few months have seen a big shift in how we perceive levels and how they’re played. When we started developing Algae we were very much aiming for a single screen level with a puzzle that needed solving in order to proceed. Over the course of development this ideal has been slowly eroded (mostly by me, given that level design is my bag) until Algae was more platformer than puzzler. These last few months have seen a return to the cleaner puzzler layouts, giving Algae a single screen to solve rather than a lot of walking about.

This of course requires a redesign, but also allows us to split each level already designed into at least 3 single screen levels. Each level feels much more self contained though, and allows for quicker designs as there are less component parts. We estimate that with what we have in mind, we’re now looking at about 90 levels rather than the 20 we had originally planned.

We’re now fully in the throughs of attempting to get a publisher interested, which will involve some early preview levels to show off. We’re really excited by this phase and look forward to where it may lead. However it goes we’ll be sure to update this site.

In other news we have 2 new features as of this month:

One of the catalysts for creating single screen levels is the addition of ‘food’ items. Not strictly food like in appearance these items facilitate Algae growth and enable new morphs. The also enable doors to open once all items have been collected.

Explosive Barrels
We don’t have graphics for this yet, but the functionality is now in for explosive barrels. These barrels can be exploded using an Algae bomb morph and will also explode anything in the blast radius.