Moving to Tiled

Did I say things might be slowing down? Turns out I was wrong.. We’ve fixed a plethora of bugs this month, and added a shed load of new sounds to please the ears. Additionally we now have a new Tileset for the first 3 levels that better reflects that the first set of levels take place within a beaker.

We’ve moved over to Tiled and Tiled2Unity as our choice of level editor and importer. Given Unity’s limited 2D tooling we feel that these 2 tools will help us to prototype quicker and make faster progress. That said, the initial progress will be slow while we set it all up to our liking.

Setting the scene with Tiled

Tiled is proving to be a really easy to use and powerful tool, although I admit I did have watch this tutorial before I was happy I knew how the Automapper worked. All in all though, this should make modifying levels much quicker.