Movement, Music, and Cloning

This last month has seen a lot of bits and pieces come together that have been simmering for a while. We've been playing with Algae’s walking speed and animation loops, and those have now been finalised and look good. The movement is more akin to Worms, but a little bit quicker.

Algae's worm-like movement

We’ve been talking to my brother-in-law Chris about helping out with this project, and he’s been creating some sounds for us to use with Algae. It’s great to see the sound added to Algae, and how it really brings the game to life. We look forward to hearing more of what Chris produces for us further down the line.

Algae now has a proper clone animation rather than just spawning next to the player, and we’ve fixed some bugs around that system that cropped up during gameplay.

Clone animation inbound!

We’ve redesigned the first level to try and get a couple more of the core game concepts across. I doubt this will be the last redesign this level gets before we settle, but it’s nice to have a redesign once in a while.