Mostly Fans... Mostly

This month has been all about the fans (the blowing kind) and updraft physics. Fans will prove pivotal in early stages in order to get Algae to those hard-to-reach spaces. They’re also the second of what we call I/O puzzle pieces, which is to say they receive an input from another object in order to turn on or off. Buttons (our first I/O object) will generally provide the mechanism for turning a fan on, but can be linked in such a way that many buttons may need activating to activate a fan.

We’ve been playing a lot here with how a fan should act, and the kind of impact it should have on Algae. Realistic physics has proved annoyingly boring and hasn’t given us the outcome we really wanted, so we’ve tweaked them over the course of this week to something a more akin to a lift. We’ll probably continue to tweak this for a bit more buoyancy, but for now I’m happy with Fans and how they work.

Up, up, and away!

In addition we’re abandoning the ad-hoc way in which we’ve been developing Algae for a more structured design document. I’d recently been very much against a document as I felt it would suck the fun out of the game development, but to be honest we’ve thrown away a lot of code and time constraints mean that our time would be better honing a feature that we know has a place in the game, than just playing with ideas and seeing what sticks. The document will be a living document, so if we do come up with ideas during development, or we feel that an idea doesn’t work we can amend as needed.