More Time and More Babies

We’re back in the game! This last month we’ve been busily improving the starting levels, the UI, and adding collectable items (shaped as puzzle pieces at the moment, but liable to change).

For my part I’ve now managed to organise blocks of time to work on Algae rather than a single day a week, which has greatly improved our throughput. The plan is now for fewer posts (one every three months or so, rather than once a month), but with more content. We’re also planning on hiring an artist to deal with all the graphics work, which I’ll share with you as and when it comes in. Dave was doing a lot (all) of the heavy lifting with the graphics and is struggling to find the time needed to produce additional graphics, so this should free him up to concentrate on other things that can be broken into smaller work chunks.

The first level is now bigger to accommodate more lessons, and has had collectibles added to it, and a brand-spanking new UI for completing a level now makes it feel like there’s a reason for all that puzzle-solving.

Achievment unlocked - Level Complete

Oh, and I’ve had a second child (yay me!).. It’s been a busy month...