Go Fast and Draw Things

Graphics, graphics, and more graphics.. Oh, and making sure we have the tools to move forward quickly. I’ve had to play a lot with Tiled to re-organise our tilesets so that they now make sense (previously our tilesets were all over the shop) and I’ve been working closely with Peter and Dave to get the animations from Spine into Unity (via the Spine plugin).

As well as that we now also have a whole host of new and exciting features and amends to talk about.

Algae can climb slopes
It’s fairly standard for any platformer, but was one of those things that I’d very much neglected until now. Previously Algae would stop at a slop as if it were a wall, which meant that all of the levels we designed had a very square feel to them. As the first stage of levels is very organic it didn’t really make sense not to have slopes dotted around.

Retracting Floors
Another I/O piece, the retracting floor does exactly what it says on the tin. When activated by one or more buttons the floor will retract, allowing Algae to pass through.

We’ve added a visual component to hints that we call Obelisks. Algae now passes over an Obelisk to activate it and show the hint.

We now support exporting to UWP (and by that method Windows Store and Xbox)! Unity makes this incredibly easy, but I wanted to check that there were no issues we weren’t expecting. Turns out that there are! We’re working to fix an issue with the controllers and mouse, but aside from that I think it’s all gone fairly well.