Gilding the Lilly

This week has been pretty full on with testing , playing, and re-playing our demo levels. We've made lists, crossed out to-do items and generally had a good clear up.

Part of the problems we've faced this last week has been down to memory consumption under WebGL. We use Unity here, which recomends a memory limit of 256MB... we were using 1.5GB!! After a little bit of tracking we found our memory hog (textures) and fixed them. thankfully this was a quick-fix for Peter, but needless to say we'll now need to keep a closer eye on our memory.

Aside from that we've added brand new animations and sound (to give Algae a bit of life), and fixed some bugs that have been hanging around for a while. Each Algae can now hav 1 of 2 personalities and looks, making them act differently as they wait for input.

Grumpy Algae is grumpy

We'll post more on that here at a later date, but needless to say it's all starting to come together.