From Humble Beginnings

It’s been an incredibly hectic week for us both as we define gameplay on the fly, test the gameplay to see if it’s fun, rinse and repeat. We’re both exhausted, but the outcome has been great!

We’ve now got a new design for Algae (a sort of square jelly), some basic animation, and some basic starting levels. Along with the cloning we’ve also managed to create a new game mechanic which I’m dubbing ‘Morphs’ unless something better comes along. The idea here is that you'll be able to morph an Algae into various useful objects that will help you solve puzzles.

Our new-look Algae

Algae's movement is a little slow, but that’s to be expected (we’ll keep playing with it and see how that goes). But aside from that I’m pretty happy with what we’ve done this week. Expect the next weeks and months to be much slower progress though. We’ll both be back at work, and I have a child to look after, so time is a commodity we don’t have much of.

Our aim though is to keep polishing levels until the gameplay and graphics are right, and then continue through each level systematically. At this stage there isn’t really any form of documentation, we’re just seeing where the inspiration takes us.