Day Zero

Today marks the start of what we hope will be a prosperous venture. Dave and myself have been talking about starting a games company for a while, and have been prototyping and throwing around ideas as to what our first game should be for the last few months now.

We’ve both developed a few games before though nothing on this scale, and we feel like now is the time to experiment with something a bit bigger. The aim then is to start creating a game while we both have a week off of work, and to see where that takes us.

We have a rough template of this game already in place thanks to a Github GameOff I did in 2012 called “Alge’s Escapade”[sic]. In that game the aim was to clone your Alge in order to solve puzzles by pressing buttons. It’ll need some new graphics, and we’ll be writing it in Unity as that’s what I’ve been spending the last few years learning, but it should be a nice project.

Consequently, we’ll also be changing the name of the game to simply “Algae”. “Alge” was a misspelling on my part and not one we think works in the grand scheme of things.

So this is the beginning of the company that will become Purple Kingdom Games... now all we need is a game (wish us luck)